Taverna al Remer restaurant menu: what’s new

The Restaurant Taverna al Remer offers its customers a rich and, above all, up-to-date menu. The protagonist is of course fresh fish, but not only: it is also possible to choose a varied and inviting selection of Italian meat, characterised by the highest quality standards.


The restaurant’s patrons have the opportunity to admire from close up and savour gourmet preparations that are classy and synonymous with goodness: the chef studies and develops dishes that are true works of art. Because, as we know, when we eat, the eye also wants its part, and in a restaurant like Remer every detail contributes to making the dishes served unique.


A goal that can be achieved, among other things, thanks to the rigorous and careful selection of raw materials, with a meticulous choice of ingredients based on the highest quality.

The Taverna al Remer Restaurant is therefore a reference point for fish lovers and for those who want to enjoy meat cooked in the most appropriate way, using techniques and methods that bring out its flavour and aromas.

For a dining experience that involves all five senses!